Capture the Financial Market in the Blink of an Eye

Identify Price Movements
Read News where there happen in Real-Time
Gain a Comprehensive Market Overview.
All 10x Faster than scrolling and browsing

Get access to the
Market as a Whole

Dive into a completely new way of viewing the financial market.

With our bird's-eye view, you get a comprehensive overview of the market, helping you identify trends, movements, and opportunities at a glance.

It's like looking down from above at a vibrant ecosystem, delivering all the necessary information to you at once.

Dow Jones
Hang Seng
Nikkei 225
FTSE 100
CAC 40

Get a aware of all price action in seconds!

A complete new market browsing experience

See where News were released

In the dynamic world of finance, news is the fuel that drives the markets. Our innovative Matrix technology allows you not only to track the latest news in real-time but also to precisely pinpoint where an event or development has taken place.

Imagine an interactive map of the financial market where each piece of news, report, or announcement is highlighted right at the point where it originated or where it has its most significant impact.

Price Targets

In the intricate maze of financial markets, price targets serve as invaluable beacons, guiding investors towards informed decisions. Our platform elevates this experience by prominently displaying these targets, offering you a clear roadmap of potential market movements.

Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, these insights can be the difference between a missed opportunity and a strategic move.

Stop scrolling! See what it is.

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